Inner Dialogue

by Meganne Stepka

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The Internal discourse or Inner Dialogue is so much of who we all are, everything we let ourselves be, and ultimately what we were taught to be in our subconsciouses. Each song on this EP varies in style/genre and represents the various energy/ intelligent centers within us, which filter different aspects and motivations behind our personal experience and inner dialogue: The heart, the spirit, the mind, the body. How we talk to ourselves is everything. Be kind to yourself. Be Conscious of your inner dialogue... Change what you Can.


released November 11, 2015

All songs written, recorded and produced* by Meganne Stepka. Mary Ann produced by Matt Troja & Mastered by Brad Blackwood.


all rights reserved



Meganne Stepka Cleveland, Ohio

A Creative – a Seeker of the Truth and a Keeper of the Spark.

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Track Name: Mary Ann
Looking back and forward again
I think of her presence her steady hands
Reaching out for you to dance and sing a song about happiness
She hopes you will find your happiness
It’s in your hands
Bring it on Mary Ann

ooh Like Sunshine
Bring it on Mary Ann
ooh Like Sunshine
I think about what she said

When all I see is clouded by my own instinct
I will find your eyes and this
Sunny Sunny Sunny Sky

Oh Like Sunshine
Bring it on Mary Ann
Oh Like Sunshine
I’ll think about what she said

Live out your eccentricities
This is not the time to compromise to anyone else’s expectations

Pushing the clouds out of sight
Bring it on Maryann oh like sunshine
When I need some sunshine
Bring it on Mary Ann

The wind, it moves through the trees to the rhythm of sweet Mary Ann
You know she smiles when you find your happiness

She’s going to bring in that sunshine
Bring it on Mary Ann
Track Name: Harmony's Conflict (EQ Equilibrium Mix)
"Harmony's Conflict" -Meganne Stepka

I am seeking Harmony here in atmospherical continuity
The stereo rings out in your eyes and you hear it open up

Both sides
Seeking harmony
In atmospheric continuity
It's like pulling a string
A piece of light

Jumping around for so much
In the streams
Seeking what's moving through us

Harmony's conflict
On the smallest level it's always moving away
And something will stay
Someone always stays
Harmony's conflict

Somewhere in between the light and the dark
Where the spaces we see glow and they spark
We don't know what makes us go
Where we are floating through motions
We're going through motions-instincts
Constantly potent.
oh we spark
and we believe
Like the tear in your pants at the knee
Could be something I've always seen
Harmony's in conflict of her being
That's being
Harmony is in conflict of our being,
Like a stream
Still moving away
.what is this that stays
Track Name: Change What You Can (recorded in krakow)
Help Me to Understand Humans
Why do We keep tearing at our Skin, so thin
When We could Be Building a Home
We can All Live In

Help me to understand the Plan
God is Good, but the Kingdom Is Within
Don't Point Your Fingers when
We Could Be Shaking Hands

Change What You Can

Help me to carry out this plan
Change What You Can

Change what you can and Together we can Stand
Against what we can't alone

Change What You Can
Track Name: Blue Fairy Tale
Blue Fairy Tale
Streams Become.
Once upon a fairy tale I knew it was You
I wrote a song, I wrote a book
I went to school and thought I understood the way it had to be.

Once upon a fairy tale I looked into the sky
I dreamed about what life would be and I started to, well, cry
I knew, I knew there’d be sometimes blue
I knew, I knew sometimes I’d be blue
But I’d find You.
I knew I would be True someday.

Once upon a fairy tale I wrote a song for you
A dream inside a fantasy, inside my mind, inside of you
You cut through the noise
They’ve been screaming inside
I’ve been screaming through time
Again for someone who would find the time to stop and live with me.

Now we can whisper in the silence of each other’s minds
Knowing it’s true what they say
I don’t know what they say but we’ve seen it a million times
Everywhere everywhere, paintings of life
Everywhere every thing you’ve ever seen, alive.

Learning how to love, time.